Slut? escort? Prostitute? _THE BOTTOM LINE.

Remember when I said, sex workers are real people with real issues on my previous post?let's dive into that shall we? Hello Rafikis. Xtian ndela came up with an app called Toboa where people engage freely and share experiences.The app according to me has been a success.however,this post is not an app review post. Why … Continue reading Slut? escort? Prostitute? _THE BOTTOM LINE.


"we are lost in the same song,we're the same lost song. -Yvonne Adhiambo Owour,Dust. Dear world, I came across Elizabeth's Coreys story and "in my family men had sex with little girls, it was our normal, it was our culture and it was generational. "my father became physically abusive with me.i was suffocated, physically … Continue reading DADDY ISSUES