Dear universe,

I stumbled upon a  story by Judie Kaberia and i couldn’t help but have a series of unending questions.

Daisy karimi fell victim of rape not once but twice giving birth to two boys through caesarian section after suffering epileptic attacks. This is at ages 14  and,15(sigh).For those who do not quite comprehend what epilepsy is,epilepsy is a neurological disorder where by cell activity in the brain is disturbed causing seizures; sudden electric bursts leading to abnormal activities, sensations and even loss of awareness.

Now we all understand that taking advantage of a 14 year old girl at this state is utterly inhumane. We could go on and on about the effects of this,trauma,self loathe,temporary dropping out of school,pain… but lets save that for a latter date.

Its so heart wrenching that this isn’t the end of rape ordeals for this young Embu girl,at age 19,she comes face to face with rape this time by not one but two men,both being Administration police…

The letter continues in my next post…stay tuned.



  1. Felista Esolio says:

    Welcome to blogging!
    Tough world! But you will love it, hate it, be inspired, loose that inspiration (unfortunately)…It’s a damn great ride though if you love what you do and do it for the right reasons. All the best!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ridhima says:

    I find that you are new to this blogging thing. Let me tell you so am I. But believe me its really great. It liberates you from all your thought and the burden they cause. It’s just amazing and more importantly the fellow bloggers are good too. They inspire you so much😊
    This blog of you is great. Blogs are the way we can convey our voice to a larger mass. Keep going😊 Good luck ahead😊


  3. sunshinysa says:

    Such horrors.
    My sister in law is mentally challenged.
    She was raped. Baby had to be aborted.
    Thirty five years ago… still not easy for her mother to talk about it 😦


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