https://ndutasletters.wordpress.com/2018/02/03/when-did-the-blue-skies-turn-scarlet/  For those who did not get part 1.

….on April 12 2012,Daisy was arrested by two AP’s while returning home from the market, it was shortly after 7pm.

After they arrested us and asked me where my home was,i told them it was not very far from the police station.They released other people. They told me it was late they could not let me go home at night because i was young.

She was taken to the parking where it happened.

He forced me to undress.But when i fought back,he asked his colleague to join him. He held my hands as the other one undressed me,he reminded me of a girl who had been killed in Embu.”we can kill you too if you scream”. He raped me inside a pickup while pressing a gun on my head.” He used something sharp he cut me(she would later learn he had imprinted his name on her).My caesarian wound started bleeding.i was in pain. He threw me on the grass ,He started raping me,i screamed. His colleague called out”why are you doing this to this girl” but that did not move him as she walked out of the station, the first police man pulled her and raped her again, …his college held my hands as he raped me again.

They escorted her home and warned her not to tell or they would kill her.

When did the blue skies turn scarlet? When society says “she asked for it” When women are told to dress a certain way because it provokes men and forgetting to teach men self-control,love not lust,compassion not selfish desire.

👆This is even worse in African countries.


Na Mungu halali.(God never sleeps).





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