We are Maumau.Mr and Mrs.kimweli.

Dear universe,

The December of 1952,Kenya being a colony of the UK. The kimweli’s and others were forcefully alighted off a couch by soldiers.

They were on their way to their home town(now central Kenya)to celebrate Christmas. Life was good, Naomi was four months pregnant with the fourth child.

Men women and children we’re separated and they we’re taken to a detention camp where they saw others being tortured.

Nothing could have ever prepared them for what happened next.

Naomi was asked how many oaths she had taken,she replied”no”.she was blindfolded.

I could hear my children crying “mummy mummy,mummy”.I never saw them again.

A bottle was pushed into her vagina and she lost consciousness. She lost her baby.

Kimweli on the other hand,was pushed onto the floor, ordered to Straighten his legs and trampled upon.

Then I was forced to lie on my back,my groins were taken,then they used pliers and I felt a very painful Yank off my testicles.

They castrated him.

Compensation of detainees in Kenya has been in order from both the UK and the Kenyan government, more could always be done.

Spread the peace,spread the love.

How far we Kenyans have truly come from.

Yours sincerely,



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