Patriotism is love for one’s country.

Dear world,

So I’ve been gone for sometime now, let’s pretend I went for coffee break, it was taking too damn long to brew.

So alot has been happening from dads sodomizing their own sons, did you guys hear about that? He was 10 sigh, to 14 year olds sodomizing 9 year olds… What is the world coming to? Oh and the classic, man beats wife and ends up killing wife, kids and himself.

But, what I really wanna talk about is patriotism. (Unajivunia Kua mkenya and unavumilia kuwa mkenya ) Are you proud to be Kenyan or are you struggling being Kenyan?

I’ll talk about Kenya because I live here, born and bred.

Let’s shift our minds from the scandles going on for a minute.

Now, see we have magical scenes, kisumu, lamu, kakamega,, if you haven’t seen the crying stone go do it it’s absolutely amazing, bunjee jumping in naivasha, zip lining, I’ve even heard of swimming with the dolphins which I’m gonna do once I learn how to swim(giggles) .i am crazy scared of water. We have great food too, take some time off galitos and KFC and visit a local restaurant eat some mukimo or some omena people. Appreciate Kenyan.

We have Bata here, which makes amazing shoes but you find majority of us buying adidas and yezzeys not forgetying jordans.Now I’m not opposed to this, I have them myself but the process of making Kenya into being less third-world majorly involves buying what’s ours and people we have amazing amazing brands.shoped at vivo yet?

Have you guys seen the Kenyan made cars? Yes, those huge jeep like looking cars how many times do you come across those in the roads.. Like what? Once in three weeks? How many times do we come across Volkswagens? Everyday right? Let’s not even mention the over bought Toyota’s, so I understand that it’s hard buying into something you are not sure about ,but when will we grow and make better quality if no one is buying.If no one is buying then there’s no feedback to the maker, which is vital in growth.

I remember telling a friend of mine that if I had a phone company and I made quality phones I could never sell as much as China sells here. True or True?

We are such a blessed lot,we do not see it which is tragic.

A lot of us would want to go and live in the states, and I get it the economy is seriously Turing our heads upside down. There are taxes left right and centre .There are people who make 200 a day people .200!now I will not rant about lack of jobs, because we can all be bosses of our own, but whose gonna buy when Kenyans are out here shipping mac products instead of buying from Pauline cosmetics.

We shouldn’t go there and build there. We should stay and build home. I do however, totally agree in learning craft elsewhere and giving back and teaching others here at home. Like my beautiful lecturer who learnt abroad and teaches here,even with the constant strikes and the unfair wages. Now, that’s patriotism.

Brain drain is actually a thing people.

Drop the Nora Roberts books and pick up the ngugi wathiongo books, some magret Ogola, some Binyavanga…

Patriotism could start as small as buying from local stores and eating in local food joints.lets build us.

And with patriotism, we wouldn’t even remember what tribalism is. We need more Boniface mwangi,s walking our streets. This could be the generation though prove me right. 😊

East or West,home is best. (I’ll just leave that there).

Yours patriotically, (see what I did there?) 😂



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