You are amazing and worth it. You deserve all the happiness in this world and the next. ”


Dear world,

So… I tell stories but this time, I’ll give it a twist.The year is moving along so quick, I wasnt even ready to get an year older this year. I suddenly feel the pressure that comes with age, FOR THE FIRST TIME which is not neat at the back of my head.So I’m constantly reminding myself to trust the timing of my life. You should too.Self assurance does something to the brain.

The world is certainly not what it was five years ago but you know, there’s nothing that happens underneath the sun that hasn’t happened before(think about that for a minute) .

The other day I heard a story of a disabled woman who got gang raped then when they were done they strangled her to death.

Another story of a 10 year old who got sodomized by the father.

Another of a 1 year old who got sodomized by the neighbour

Another of a boy who attacked his school with guns and raped about 3 girls

Another of a 13 year old who got raped by her HIV and AIDs positive uncle.

Another of men attacking grandmother’s by the roadside and raping them then killing them after.

There’s also the story I shared in my very first blog post of an epileptic girl who got raped at gun point by police officers.

What all these stories have in common is all of the victims were utterly incapable of defending themselves at the time And everytime another ordeal of the same nature arises ,I find myself asking what is wrong with the world.

Some Christians will say, the world is nearly approaching it’s end…

But have we allowed the world to crowd over our moral compass and that’s why we post nudes on social media channels for a few likes. Do we realize that in the past sexy was a term for prostitutes . PS. I am not saying girls shouldn’t dress sexily but how about we put class first.

Have they allowed themselves to get led by their groins and feelings of “I am insufficient ” take over them that they decide to take advantage of the helpless or do they themselves feel helpless in life and decide to make everyone else who is vulnerable to BE helpless. Are they angry? Like the girls who after being infected with HIV and AIDS decide to have sex with every Tom dick and Harry? With the sole purpose of infecting men. If so, what are they angry about? Are they just trying to showcase that they are superior? Is it really inferiority complex?

Because it’s clearly not about sex, hookers are at plenty nowadays. It’s definitely something bigger. Something deeper than the need for sexual intercourse.

I feel that people especially men have alot of deep. Wounds and because the boy child has been neglected and are not allowed to talk about feelings of hurt and heartbreak some end up choosing the wrong ways of channeling the hurt, the anger, the helplessness, the hopelessness,the emptiness….

Some however are just inhumane.

Open up channels of communication for young boys especially those from maladjusted homes. Tell them it’s okay to feel hurt and it’s even more okay to talk about it and ask for help.

Men who express feelings are not sissys.

Men who cry are not sissys.

Men who don’t express feelings, are COWARDS. Express yourself be real, do not let the world hinder you from being you.

LGBTQ or straight just be you( that’s a conversation for another day, yes?)



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