Her:mahn this post is sooo overdue

Them: we still love you….

Hello world,what’s good?

I know that this post is long overdue.My motto this year is consistency and I’ll keep at it.(that will be growth eey?)

In my account, growth comes with change and growth is imminent, unless you want to stay in the same position doing the same things , getting the same vibes, consuming the same energy and getting the same results .

Everyone wants to grow somehow,I believe,but probably, people get scared of the changes that come with growth.For example,a young man wants to settle down but wonders,”Will my fellow friends still like me? Will they accept me and my decision?”

We often do we hear the words “do you” …let’s not just hear those words let’s actually do as the words say. I don’t think my boyfriend is ussually being nonsensical when he says “I want you to do your thing”

My point is, in this life,not everyone will accept you so do you the honours and accept you,love your mistakes because they show you what you shouldnt do next time,take time to learn your way through these mistakes and bloom darling,flourish because that,that right there will be growth.

Lastly,can we talk about the whole row and debate our Kenyan music has been facing…. especially the secular scene.
Is it being played enough ie is there enough airplay? Are the older musicians who’ve been there and have succeeded giving the upcoming musicians enough mentorship?does Kenyan music even have content to begin with?

We can all agree that there has been tremendous growth in the Kenyan industry. Talk about production of music,style of music to videography and the sort and with this,our music has put Kenya on the map with people like campmulla(we need you back btw),Octopizzo,Nyashinski,fena,king kaka being on record with Tracy Morgan yes said the TRACY MORGAN!!

I definitely did not forget Susanna owiyo,nameless wahu,nyota ndogo and can we even talk 254 music without mentioning the incredibly talented sautisol ? all these creatives have represented us in spaces outside Africa.

The creative space in Kenya is growing day after day I mean “uliza kiatu” ,”sijaskia vibaya” and while I do agree there’s a lot to be done by some artists content wise (msiseme nilisema ethic) .The older generation of the likes of the prominent juakali,nonini, Susanna owiyo,Atemi should play a mentoring role to some of these upcoming musicians singing songs that cannot get airplay…oh, before these musicians blame it all on airplay how about they look at the content they put out here…yes?yes.

I will not dwell too much on this but it’s definitely something to talk about.

Still on music though,I have a band you all should listen to,they go by the name 31B .They are passion and drive mixed up together giving off beats that are honestly worthwhile.

A small background on them;so these guys met in the university of Nairobi and admit that music was and still is their first love. Their love for music drove them into doing just that,making music without even studying music…they ended up sacrifing alot even not graduating as they pursed this dream.

You see world,when you have a dream and are sincerely passionate about it work hard on it because in the end “all things work out together for good.” So after all the hardships they went through,they made their own studio and they did come up with an album “DREAMS BIGGER THAN US” .The title of this album makes my heart literally smile thinking how much sometimes you have this nudge in your heart and mind to do something and everyone else is not for it ,when very few people believe in it,when you’re 40 out of 100% in but this nudge won’t stop and once you accept the challenge you experience freedom.Freedom and joy in every little bridge you cross towards this dream and In every little success,that right there is a dream bigger than you and a whole lot of Growth.

Take a listen and thank me later…

Bloom darling, flourish.




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