It’s called envy.

Dear world,

Let’s share,shall we?

Sometimes when surrounded with people who are 60/100 always negative you have to stop and think …. ” Is this true? I’m i really…? ”

I’m here to tell you that you are doing you an injustice.

There will always be people who will be intimidated by the essence who you are,by what you have,by the promise of the bright future ahead of you.

And they will beat you down because

” why do you have that and I don’t”

And you will fall short of who you truly are and who you are ment to be the more you listen to these people.

As life goes on,you realise that people are blessed differently,you can’t have what she has because your blessing is different.

No blessing is bigger and no blessing is smaller.

I remember getting this from a preaching a while a go,

” if you ask God for money,he will give you an opportunity to make the money,if you ask God for patience ,he will create a situation where patience is needed.”

It all lies on the opportunities given.

How many did you turn down thinking they were too little for you when they were ladders and how many do you have but keep on “taking them for granted” .

Going back to the topic at hand,

People will always want what they seemingly cannot have and in the end it leads to hate.

You see this in friends.

One friend goes on to getting a better job and there will always be that one bitter friend who will be heard saying, “oh ,he bribed his way through that.” And since people are emotion conductors,you find other friends catch up to this ” attitude” towards this person and sooner rather than later,they will start treating him different and he will start to wonder,”what is wrong with me?”

I’m here to tell you to ask yourself

what is right with me.”

Your answers might lie in your answer of that question.

Darling,it’s called envy

People are envious of things they do not have. This is why celebrities will always have ” haters”

Think of it like this next time a “friend” criticises your expensive watch.

N.B it’s always in the jokes .




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