Prostitute× Sexworker✓


During the week,I went to a clinic where I found myself in the middle of sexworkers both male and female.

I have seen sex workers before. well, on the television,by the road sides of koinange in a moving car at night but never this close.

They were conversing of how the “business” was last night and one said to the other,

“hao mapoko wa west wanaharibu” (translated as, those prostitutes from West are being a disadvantage).The other quickly pinches her laughing and says ” jina ni sex worker mami,” (translated as,the name is sex worker) .

As the verbal transactions continued I learnt that there had been a lot of peer group discussions where they learn from each other and also from other women in the trade .I also learnt that the reason the woman pinched her friend is to remind her that calling the trade prostitution is stigmatisation.

The sex workers came in different shapes and sizes … For those of you who think sex workers are skinny ,some were simmingly old,some very young according to the registration book at the ages 35 to 19,some came with their children,one was pregnant.

This experience was very real to me.

I am not here to stigmatise the trade,neither I’m I here to praise it and say,as long as they are making food for themselves and their kids,it’s okay.

I was raised knowing it’s wrong,but that’s not the point.

The point is most women don’t enter this business because they like having sex with different men ..neither do the men in this business like having sex with different men for money.

The sex workers…the ones who hit the streets to do this are real people with real issues who have rights and who need not be stigmatised.

This thing has been there for ages and society should accept that it is not going anywhere,if anything it is evolving ..from hitting the streets, to the clubs, to the internet,to as we see today social media.

From a Christian point of view, we are told not to remove the log from our brothers eyes forgetting ours,we are advised as sinners not to cast a stone to our brothers .we are all sinners in need of one is righteous and no sin is greater.

It is okay to help out those who have veered away from the path of righteousness however,it is not okay to judge,for judge not and thy shall not be judged.

I will end this here.

However the conversation continues.




(Tran.Rafikis means friends in Swahili)


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