Dearest young adult,

Its okay to feel like things aren’t working out.
Its okay to feel overwhelmed.
Its okay to not have life figured out right now,
But you will get there, trust.

I have been in a never ending cycle of I want to do this, I want to do that (my boyfriend probably hears this way too much[rolls eyes]),and I find that I end up literally panic attack, lashing out at everyone frustrated when things don’t work out for me, question is…do I really take a shot at things? Directly that is?

Pondering over this blog post and if you actually follow me and read my stuff, you realize that this is the most me I have been ,I mean, yes I am 100% myself when writing about societal issues and those things are very close to my heart, I am an extremely passionate soul, but I often hold back, I would say I discredit myself, which is wrong!

There’s a lot of us 20 somethings still trying to figure life out and what works and what doesn’t work for us. And we are busy comparing lives on social media wanting what others have and failing to see what we have served up on a platter by GOD himself. As was the case after Rnaze and Natalie Tewa broke up, it then hit home that life on camera is very different from life off of camera and we all should really think about this because on platforms like Instagram, what you see is not always what you get. It’s not real, it’s a façade.

Dearest young adult, you are smart, you are creative and maybe you haven’t figured things out, but you will, and once you do, you will thrive and you will flourish like only you can.

I have learnt that I have to let things unfold naturally, that I cannot boss the universe around, that when I want it to rain, the sun will come out and when I want the sun to come out, it will rain{this is entirely metaphorical, pause and think it through} so, when this happens, I just have to embrace the sun and feel the rain on my skin.

Growing up we are told, you are the controller of your destiny, and life at large and as a believer I wonder, but God has the plans to my life as written in the book of Job, so then how I’m I in control of anything when nothing happens without his approval?

Pondering over this is what continues to enlighten me to let go and let God.

I am in control of my decisions, however much we wish to go through the scientific and psychological innerworkings of decision making that includes conscience, experience, peer groupings, it doesn’t differ from the fact that we are in control of that, and that is exactly how being in control of our life makes sense, because if you can make decisions that work for you then you are being your number one fan and you are taking control also, if you make decisions that are negative to your life then you are being unfair to yourself and actually limiting rather, cutting down branches of how big that final destination of yours is .

Dearest young adult, there is a power in self-identity.

My job, I realized was to be myself, to speak as myself. And so, I did.” _becoming ,Michelle Obama

With the constant pressure society is putting on us, young people ,no wonder mental health is taking a toll on young adults.{how to deal with mental health issues on my next post, stay updated}however much the pressure becomes, we have to know who we are and not let society bend or break that, quoting Michelle Obama’s becoming, “…there is still a lot I don’t know about America, about life, about what the future might bring, but I do know myself.”

Because the real self is dangerous: dangerous to the established church, dangerous for the state, dangerous for the crowd, dangerous for the tradition, because once a man knows himself, he becomes an individual, he no longer belongs to the mob psychology, he will not be superstitious and cannot be exploited he will live from his own light, from his inwardness.

With knowing who you are you know your strengths and your weaknesses and therefore you realize that your journey is yours alone thus you will desist from comparing, but young adults have a difficulty with this hence end up with mental health issues like depression caused from societal pressure, Most end up getting comfort and easing frustrations from the excessive use of drugs, excessive sexual encounters which will eventually lead to addiction and intern slow the rate of self-growth which hinders how fast you reach your goals and even your destiny.

* Comparing yourself to others creates repressive feelings; feelings inferiority, when you do this, you are looking for affirmations from the wrong sources.

“there are simpler ways of being ”_becoming ,Mitchelle Obama

Dearest young adult, you are not out time.

I find that we end up rushing into finding success and fame (who remembers the ifikie wazazi tag that was all the rage last year, where photos of teens and youth who were so desperate for fame and a little media attention that they took naked pictures and pictures posed in sexual positions ,these were leaked to the media with intention of reaching the parents and this showcased to the society how desperate for instant fame this youths are.)

Failing to realize that money doesn’t grow on trees, Steve jobs wasn’t created in a day, these things take time. We end up using shortcuts to getting easy and quick money. cases of youths killing themselves due to a bet gone wrong are all the rise, we often hear of guys using their entire college fees to place a bet which doesn’t bring much in the hopes of sleeping and waking up as billionaires, and however much we blame this on the harsh economic times and the rising unemployment , we should not fail to see that all this pressure to have it good at 23 rather than build at 23 and have it good at 30 is actually a problem. The raise in women relying on “sponsors” and calling themselves ‘socialites ‘when they are really prostitutes who wear expensive clothes and don’t stand at the corner of streets should showcase this argument.

“life was teaching me that progress and change happens slowly. We were planting seeds of change, the fruit of which we might never see. We had to be patient.” _becoming Michelle Obama_ “even if we did not end up winning, we were making progress that mattered.”

Slow progress is still progress, we need to internalize this fact.

Dearest young adult, you are good enough.


Get your hands on Michelle Obamas book, it will change your life.

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