YOUR TRUTH,YOUR STORY, (series) ___The gay world of robbettah

Dear world,

Before I dive right into it, I’ll just explain what this is.
I am doing a series called your truth your story, because I personally believe that there’s nothing as powerful as a true story, true experiences, lessons learnt and shared.

kind of, why I write,

Because there’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.’_maya angelou.

So, I’m starting off with Robbetahs story, not to educate, not to inspire,but to put it out there for all people to know that you have to own your story.

Robert Wanyeki knew he was gay by the time he turned eight years old.
Before he turned eleven, he had slept with five boys and was in love with his best friend. His parents apparently, were clueless.

Before he cleared class eight, he had slept with all the seventeen boys in his class and in high school, most of the students knew he was gay but he says he faced no harassment for it and that he was even the tuition block prefect in the school, that he would even apply makeup and ‘slay.’

Robert now in university[local Christian uni in Kenya] is studying actuarial science and says that he tries to tone it down considering it’s a strict university, however, he claims to have ‘hit on the reverend’ who apparently ‘aliingia box’[fell for his charms] and with whom he’s had a month long relationship.

He talks of the challenges he has faced due to his sexual orientation, he talks of times where he has been chased out of clubs and roughly beaten with no one to help him, and times where his belongings have been stolen, he also talks of how when he goes to church, the congregation does not sit next to him with the fear of ‘being infected with his condition.’

Robert confesses that money is the key in a relationship and that prospective lovers should show an account that reads a minimum of 600milion shillings.

He also talks of how there are straight Kenyans who are curious about gayism and would not mind experimenting, talking of how he earned 500,000 shillings on a short-term affair.
He shares that most guys who hit on him are men in uniform.

“I never thought that guys in uniform would have the guts to hit on me, but they do. Policemen, soldiers, touts and pastors…”

“there was a day, a prominent pastor whom I always see on tv used one of his guys to pass his number to me”

Wanyeki, confesses to wanting a child in future and thus rules out sex change surgery,

“I want to have a kid in future, through vitro fertilization. I would love a girl, not a boy because he might end up being homophobic.”

Now, for all who read and follow my blog, you probably know by now, that I am a Christian. Gayism is a complex topic to talk about considering I am not a professional of any sort.

However, I am a human being and I do see how the LGBTQ are treated, from guys like George barasa( joji baro )

an openly gay HIV positive artist and activist who rans a shelter for gay refugees being stolen from in daylight by neighbors and no one even helping or saying that it is wrong, his music being banned because he is a gay man, to gay clubs being closed down and raided, in the international scene we see how former Gambia’s president, Yahya Jammeh called for the throats of the gay to be slit in 2013.adding that…

‘if you are a man and you want to marry another
man in this country and we catch you, no one will ever set eyes on you again and no white man is going to do anything about it’

The colonial-era laws which criminalize homosexuality in Kenya with a jail term of up-to 14 years, have not been scrapped.

however, the LGBTQ community can be registered as a rights group as ruled this year march,bringing about inclusivity. According to the old decade rules yet to be scrapped,

Same sex sexual acts are deemed to be unlawful and aganist the order of nature under the Kenyan government laws.

The Kenyan LGBTQ organizations have however brought this to the courts to try and have the laws scrapped even though convictions under these laws are very rare.

Why gayism is not accepted in most African countries… most people would simply put it as being gay is not African,

Bisi Alimi a Nigerian gay rights activist also,the first Nigerian to ‘come out’ on television would however very much disagree on that point arguing that,that is an idea imposed on by an import from the west, that is; Christianity.

He has talked about how gayism was part of our African culture before colonialism , and how men who practiced it were even considered prominent as kabaka mwanga the second of the Buganda was openly gay.

However, the gay community is now more than in the past being tolerated and people are not as scared to come out as they used to before ,with the likes of Binyavanga coming out, a renowned Kenyan author who come out admitting to being gay ,HIV positive and who is also said to be getting married in south Africa pretty soon.

My opinions about gayism are not all positive, I will not lie, mainly because of my Christianity, however, they are human beings and should be treated like other human beings.

Hate for eachother should not be brought about by sexual orientation,there are things far much bigger than boys kissing boys that need more worry and attention in this world.

How about more attention to the trees …

That is my opinion …we are all entitled to those aren’t we?

Love and blessings,

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11 thoughts on “YOUR TRUTH,YOUR STORY, (series) ___The gay world of robbettah

  1. charlypriest says:

    At the end I had to comment. I don´t care that guys are gay or gals gay….no, hold it, I do mind if the girls are gay since the pool of fish for me to grab is reduced. No worries, when I become the president of the universe I will outlaw gay girls, but gay guys they cool sista! I can even write like a gangsta, fuck I´m high as a kite. Sorry.

    My point is, is, is, researching my brain….got it!
    Gay guys cool but it is a NO NO gay gals

    What a comment

    Liked by 1 person


      You realize the bottom line is gay right. Homosexuality on both sides …in girls or in boys homosexuality is homosexuality none is more cool than the other… They are all laying with the same sex.
      Both should be treated equally.
      Lesbians,gays they all In the same homosexual pool and also,the same human being pool.

      Liked by 1 person

      • charlypriest says:

        No, not equally. I will reiterate my comment, if more gay gals less chances of me to hook up.

        My uncle was gay, died of AIDS, me and mommy were with him till the end. The best person you can meet in your life, he did put up and defended my craziness so that tells you a lot about that man


  2. charlypriest says:

    Now that I gave it too much thought I might even try to become gay. I do have a brain trained as I call it ¨mindshift¨, I can apply it to become gay, I tried it once and it seems I failed, but nobody is going to stop me to try again. I´m a heterosexual, I probably spelled that wrong, damn… I write and talk to my self, weird. Point being is that the point went to the Philippines

    Liked by 1 person

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