Your truth ,your story _Pauline Juma(friend arranged my gang rape)

Pauline Juma was born and raised in kibera.

Living with both parents,who had to do alot of odd jobs just to take care of Pauline and her siblings and see them through school.

She talks of her mother with so much love,tracing to a point In her life when she was in level 8 primary school,her mother did three jobs just to get by and make sure her babies were fed.

One of those jobs was to wash clothes for other people. (Mama kufua) (laundry lady).

One day,she took her mum to her place of laundry and says she was shocked at the treatment because the woman treated her mother like a slave.

she continues to explain… Saying the woman would throw clothes at her mum from the second floor of her mansion to the compound where her mother had knelt to collect the clothes.

This hurt Pauline and she swore to give her mum a better life in future.

Fast forward to when Pauline was in her third year of highschool and when her dad would send her to school with money she would split it inorder to help a very poor friend of hers telling her to go buy pads or sugar or whatnot.

Little did she know that this girl whom Pauline considered best friend,was jealous that she was ahead in life and could even afford things for two.

The girl planned for Pauline to get gangraped by her brother and his friends.

What is to be gangraped- this is to being raped by more than one a gang of men.

Yes,you read right.

The best friend set it up that Pauline would get gangraped.

Now,let’s go into detail shall we,

She asked Pauline to escort her to her brothers Friends place and Pauline obviously accepted being her best friend and all.

Upon getting there,Pauline was pushed inside the house where she saw men all looking down at her and one by one they took her innocence. (Yes, my heart is breaking too).

They also threatened to kill her if she dared to report the incident.

NB.She was a Virgin.

Life went on but Pauline never moved on from the incident,she got depressed and attempted suicide three times at school which eventually got her kicked out of school.

Pauline would often wonder if the men who raped her, damaged her uterus too. Judging from the pain that followed after the incident considering she was a virgin and her virginity got taken by random men during rape…..

At age 19, she told her boyfriend she wanted a child,two months later she was pregnant and happy that she was fertile

She decided to move in with this man … in Kenya,we call it “come we stay”

As soon as she did she was meet with beatings,she said she got beaten even after giving birth. when she decided to go back home and leave her boyfriend.This happened after the boyfriend took the money she had been saving for her son.

After leaving,she got a job at a bar,which she did until she saved enough to pay for the sisters entry into university.

She says the reason she did not move out earlier was because she hoped and prayed. the man would change and be as he was before.

In a bid to make the boyfriend jelous, Pauline got together with another man after birth of her child. She did succeed in getting the former boyfriend jelous but she also succeeded in getting pregnant for a second time.

Fast forward to now,Pauline says her biggest pain was not the rape but the loss of freedom to say that was raped.

Pauline found happiness in modelling and teaching others how to .She also advocates for childrens rights and help rape victims who have gone through the same ordeals as her.

She says she’s happy that her siblings are doing well,that her sister is in university studying french and that her other sibling is in her third year of highschool.


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