"we are lost in the same song,we're the same lost song. -Yvonne Adhiambo Owour,Dust. Dear world, I came across Elizabeth's Coreys story and "in my family men had sex with little girls, it was our normal, it was our culture and it was generational. "my father became physically abusive with me.i was suffocated, physically … Continue reading DADDY ISSUES


Dear world, GBV- gender based violence .This is (Bloom 2008) ,violence that occurs as a result of the normative role expectations associated with each gender along with the unequal power relationships between two genders within the context of a specific society. Gender violence primarily targets women and adolescent girls in society taking forms such … Continue reading SHROUDED IN THE CULTURE OF SILENCE.

WHEN DID THE BLUE SKIES TURN SCARLET.2  For those who did not get part 1. ....on April 12 2012,Daisy was arrested by two AP's while returning home from the market, it was shortly after 7pm. After they arrested us and asked me where my home was,i told them it was not very far from the police station.They released other people. They told … Continue reading WHEN DID THE BLUE SKIES TURN SCARLET.2